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We can find the leak

Surveyroof can find the point of entry quickly and accurately using our cost effective electronic leak detection methods!

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All weather detection

Tests can be performed in either dry or wet conditions conducted by fully trained survey technicians using state of the art testing equipment.

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Independent Advice

Surveyroof are fully independent and offer cost effective ways of maintaining and repairing your roof areas that puts you in total control of your budgets!

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Welcome to Surveyroof

Surveyroof offer unbiased non-destructive Electronic Leak Detection and Integrity Testing on new or existing flat roof and other structural waterproofing membranes. We are able to provide superior detection of all waterproofing defects utilizing testing methods for wet or dry conditions across the UK.

Surveyroof offer a range of professional services which can be tailored to your specific requirements to provide a bespoke solution to save you time and money with regard to your roofs performance.

When testing is complete, Surveyroof will provide either a detailed, unbiased and confidential report or pre handover certification on the condition of your waterproofing system. The report includes drawings and photographic documentation detailing the location and nature of each defect allowing targeted cost effective repairs to the waterproofing membrane to restore its waterproofing integrity.

Surveyroof can offer proven unbiased expertise for unparalleled leak detection you can depend on.